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It’s nearly holiday time..

18 Jul


Well, it’s been a hot few weeks and it’s nearly holiday time – yippee!

School’s out soon and in a week or so we’ll be heading to France for some much needed R&R (that’s rummaging and relaxation for those of us who love flea markets and antique shops!)

We’re not going as far as Nice but will be driving to the Loire Valley with two young children..it’s going to be interesting..

The plan is to buy lots of new stock for The Deco Press shop and I’ll post pictures of my lovely new finds as soon as I get them. Au revoir!




What exactly is Vintage Advertising?

26 Nov

For anyone wondering exactly what art-deco to mid-century vintage advertising art (phew) is…I thought I’d do a quick explanation!

Vintage advertising art comes directly from the original newspapers, magazines and publications of  a specific period. Advertising prior to the end of the 1st World War was fairly basic design-wise with emphasis on text and explaining exactly how a product would work.

As soon as we reach what is now commonly known as the Art Deco era of the 1920s there is a marked difference and advertising comes into its own as a form of social and artistic expression. The city of Paris led the way. Many advertisers took out full A3 size pages and commissioned famous French illustrators and artists of the time to showcase their products.

Leon Benigni, born in 1892 was one such artist. A highly respected draughtsman, illustrator and lithographer, his most famous poster, Brides les Bains, recently sold at Christies for £1875.

He was also commissioned by French fashion house Hermes to design this gorgeous advert for luggage from 1927.

This is the only original example we have come across at The Deco Press and it is definitely one of my top 10 favourites. The elongated lines, understated glamour and hint of adventures to be had….What do you think of it? 

This image is available to buy at The Deco Press Facebook Page;


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