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Bar domination continues…

21 Sep

If good things come in 3’s then I may be getting a call soon…If they don’t then it’s ok as I might start running out of pictures!


What am I talking about? Well, The Deco Press now has 9 pictures on display upstairs in The Midnight Bell, Leeds Brewery’s Flagship pub in the centre of the city. I chose an eclectic assortment of images dating from 1912 up to 1930. They’re all black and white and work well with the aubergine walls. The management were looking for artwork which complemented the mismatched vintage furniture, old beams and exposed brickwork. 





Hanging them was fun…I had to work around customers who were finishing long Friday lunches. I found that trying to hammer quietly and un-noticed is hard. I also nearly slipped over in my wooden cowboy boots on the very shiny wood floor. Luckily the results look good!





So why start my own business?

15 May


I’ve not had a conventional career path. Previous roles in my 20s included dabbling in editorial on women’s magazines, Secretary to Richard Branson (yes, really), Music Events PR, Publicist at Channel 4 Television and Film 4 and a brief stint as a Life Coach…well I always advocated a Portfolio work life long before it was a phrase coined by the media!

I’m now married with two little boys so it’s been a busy few years.

During my time as an employee I’d gradually worked out that I’m really best suited to running a business of my own, mainly so I don’t have to work achieving someone else’s goals (and can work in my slippers listening to Nina Simone)!

During the long hours pounding the streets with the boys in the Phil & Teds, I constantly asked myself “What is that business idea? Come on, think!”

I’d always had little projects going on on the side but, once I’d finished looking after the boys full time, I knew it was a good time to start the business I’d been thinking about for years.

My new business would have to encompass the following;

  1. Be something I could sell – a product, skill or service
  2. Enable me to work from my home office / studio
  3. Be flexible so I could fit hours around school time and other parts of my life
  4. Have potential for expansion, development and a long term income
  5. Allow me to be sociable with people face to face and online
  6. Be creative and something I was passionate about
  7. Be socially responsible and have an ethos I would be proud of

I finally hit upon the final idea last summer and it seemed as natural and obvious as these things should be (with the benefit of hindsight of course)..

Next Post: Why French Art Deco Advertising Art?

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