Social Responsibility in small business…Who’s the winner?

14 Jun



I’ve always worked in the Private Sector – It just happened that way. I won’t lie – The work was pretty interesting, the people (mostly) friendly and the parties could be great. Really though, the work didn’t leave me with a sense of having done something worthwhile with my working day. 

When I set up my own business I wanted to directly help people in some way. Now, of course I know that selling vintage art isn’t going to save the world or save anyone from poverty, but I can use it to make a big difference in a little way… This is one of the principles underlying The Deco Press and I hope do this through my involvement with a company called Lend With Care. 

 Image are an online organisation and part of the charity Care International. Via the website you can choose to lend any amount of money to a small business owner in a number of different developing countries including Cambodia, Ecuador and Benin. They may need the money to expand their stock or take on seasonal help. Any number of people can contribute to the same person until they reach their requested loan amount. They then work to repay the loan back to you as they make money in their business. Once they have repaid the loan you can re-lend it to another entrepreneur and so the positive cycle continues.

I specifically look to lend money to businesses run by women and my aim is to loan out 10% of the profit generated from running The Deco Press to Lend With Care, enabling my small business to help other small businesses. Everyone’s a winner baby.

Is it really a good idea? Is it really enough? I don’t know, but at least it’s a start.


Coming up: What’s in a name?..



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