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Changing the focus of a blog..

28 Apr


So, I started this blog when I started my vintage advertising art business, The Deco Press.  I’ve posted (fairly) regularly for a few months now. Had you noticed my posts have been pretty random in theme?

Well this is fine, but I’ve felt that I hadn’t quite found the purpose of my blog.

I knew I wanted to highlight the gorgeousness that is Art Deco and the beauty of vintage advertising but how to make this a long-running, interesting story I hadn’t quite worked out!

By just getting on and writing I felt that purpose would eventually come to me…and now it has..

I’m around 7 months in from launching The Deco Press and it’s been an exciting and challenging time. I started out with nothing more than the grain of an idea and have grown from there.

Partly for my benefit (as I’m not good at documenting milestones and achievements) and, I hope, for yours, I’m going to go back to the very start and show exactly what I’ve done and the steps I’ve taken to get this far…hopefully I won’t catch up with myself!

Next post: Why did I want to start up a business in the first place?


Flapper Hair..

17 Apr

I’ve just bought a whole batch of new stock and have unwittingly been attracted to 1920s images featuring women with sleek flapper crops. I have tried this style on my own hair before but it’s really hard to keep it slicked down. Perhaps I have an advert somewhere for the hair product they used to use…

The advert below is by G Bourdier for the Malaceine Brand;



Another really strong image of cropped hair profiles is this one for L’Oreal;



Will you ask to be “bobbed”, “shingled” or “Eton cropped” at your next hair appointment?!


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